Building barricades in BoD

Building barricades is essential part of Band of Defenders. They will stop your enemies and give you and your turrets time to kill those who are most dangerous – kamikaze, area damage units or heavy armored mutants with huge jackhammer that could destroy your base in a blink of an eye. Without barricades, your base will be vulnerable and your turrets at constant risk of being destroyed.

That’s why barricades were the first thing we focused on and it was a good call, because it wasn’t easy to make it right. If you want to read about barricades from developer’s angle of view, you can do so in our gamasutra blog here. This will show barricades in a way that is more interesting for players.

Concrete barricade for basic protection

You are starting small in Band of Defenders. You have only knife and gun and option to build only basic structures – because you don’t have enough resources and because before leveling up your character you have access only to low-level gear. Concrete barricade is the first one you will encounter in the game and it is your typical jersey wall (or K-rail). It isn’t very high and doesn’t really protect you from gunshots, but it will stop movement of most enemies who have to go around it or destroy it to continue to more important targets – player, turrets or base. Most of all – it is cheap so you can build long wall to secure whole entrance to your base.

Building concrete barricades

Bastion will strengthen most critical points

Bastion barricade is inspired by real military barricades and it is much more durable and higher than concrete barricade. Function is similar but it is much more expensive and it takes much more damage to destroy it. It is great for protecting very expensive turrets from harm or in later waves when there is higher concentration of dangerous enemies. It can also serve as a cover (destructible though) thanks to its height.

Spike barricade is going to fight back

This barricade damages anyone who tries to hit it by melee attack. It is quite expensive but it helps to keep enemies at bay by reducing their health before players have time to deal with them.

Trap barricade doesn’t attract unwanted attention

Our favorite barricade must be this one. It doesn’t stop movement of enemies so they don’t really try to destroy it (some do, but most of them don’t) – that makes it great for damaging enemies as they go through corridor created by other barricades. These barricades can survive even big waves of enemies and help you by continuously damaging everyone who steps on them.

So, what do you think about barricades in Band of Defenders? Is it missing something important or do you have any suggestions to make it better? We appreciate any feedback. Thanks for reading. Next time, we will show you our turrets or enemies.

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